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Best Way to Choose first branded Bags

“Keep away from the gimmicks, like Balenciaga’s oversized bags. Five years down the road, you’ll just look odd carrying it when the trend is no longer in. And you probably shouldn’t spend a lot of money on something with an acid wash print.

But if you’ve bought something trendy that’s passé after a season, you can still keep it. Take it out five years later and call it a vintage item (laughs). [Fashion] is a game. There are no hard and fast rules.

 If you’ve never read a copy of Vogue in your life and can’t tell Marc Jacobs from Lady Gaga, just avoid outlandish stuff.

If you want to buy something that you just want to wear while it’s trendy, go for [mass-produced] fast fashion. I do that too if there’s a particular look I like but I don’t want to spend $4,000 on a jacket.

Or go for local designers. Most of the time you can be sure you’re wearing something unique.

Retailers like LuxeStyle which sell second-hand goods are great for when you’ve missed buying a designer item when it was first launched and want to get it later. If you know you’ll love the item forever, treat yourself to something good.”

 Not sure whether to sell your branded bag? KonMari your wardrobe every six months.
“I face that dilemma too, but I try not to be sentimental about my belongings. If you’ve bought something that you really don’t care about six months down the road, it’s time to sell it. And ask yourself if you’ve bought the the item with the intention of selling it for investment purposes later.”

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